Be Free of BV

name Lived the BV nightmare for over 7 years before breaking free of the antibiotic roller coaster and getting busy researching anything and everything she could find on BV. She spoke to leading specialists from all over the world, naturopaths, dieticians, herbalists, gynaecologists, she even consulted many eastern medicine masters to help collect and refine all the material she had uncovered.

Now she is passionate about sharing what she learned with other BV sufferers, so they too can change their lives and live a normal, happy, healthy and fulfilled life totally BV free.

Bacterial Vaginosis Discharge

19th March 2010
"I have a cottage cheese-like discharge," says one young woman to another. "I have a thin, grayish discharge," says another. "I have no discharge at all," says an older woman. Which woman is the healthiest? Actually none of them! The first wo... Read >